Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer Notice:

By using a GoSleep Sleeping Pod and its related services you are accepting all the terms of this disclaimer notice.

The Sleeping Pods are available for the use of passengers travelling from or through Abu Dhabi or Dubai International Airport*. Children up to the age of five (5) must use the same pod as their adult guardian. Individuals between 6 and 18 years can use their own Pod, but must be accompanied by a guardian or adult who accepts this disclaimer on behalf of the minor.

Users are charged for the use of the Sleeping Pod based on set hourly rates for the desired number of hours usage by paying through their valid credit card or in cash in select currencies at the reception counter.  In case of cash payment in any currency at reception all change given will be in UAE Dirhams. Pre-bookings through this website will be invoiced in USD only.

Consuming food or beverages inside the Sleeping Pods is not permitted.

Whilst a customer is using the Sleeping Pod, ONGROUND LLC, or any other contracted operating company for the Pods, cannot be held responsible for

a) customers missing their flights;

b) any damaged, lost or stolen items inside the Pods, or in their vicinity

In case of injury to persons, or damage to possessions whilst using the Sleeping Pod service, the user of the Pod indemnifies ONGROUND LLC, or any other contracted operating company for the Pods, against any claims which may be brought against them.

The Sleeping Pods may be monitored by CCTV and, by their presence, the users of the area grant permission for the recording of CCTV footage.

*Coming soon

Terms & Conditions for advance Bookings with Pre-Payment via Credit Card:

We are offering free cancellation and full refund (less US$ 10.00 processing fee per pod) until 24 hours prior to scheduled check-in time. Any cancellation received within 24 hours, or no show, will incur 100% cancellation fee. Cancellations received more than 60 days after payment incur additional third party charges by PayPal beyond our control. Unless notified by email on delay@gosleep.aero in case of a flight delay, and subsequent receipt of acknowledgement, the reservation will only be held for max. one (1) hour after scheduled check-in time. Afterwards the booking will automatically be cancelled and the Sleeping Pod will be released without any refund.